Who are Software Developers?

Software developers are one of the most valuable resources for many large companies. As our economy continues to become more and more digital companies are relying on them for more and more things. These developers are most concerned with the software development process. Their work revolves around designing and testing software applications. Their job responsibilities can vary widely from design to project management. Many software developers are also involved with computer programming. There are also a significant number of freelance software developers that work for themselves and often take projects on an hourly fee. For tax purposes, software developers are classified into three fields:

  1. Computer Programmers
  2. Software Application Developers
  3. Systems Software Developers

An individual who develops software that stands alone and is completely independent, is a software developer. Many times there is a clear distinction in the market between programmers and developers. The distinction lies in that one implements while the other designs the structure. Developers are the ones that design the structure of large software systems.

Software developers can have a wide variety of job responsibilities:

  • Software implementation and programming
  • Actual Software Design
  • Installation, configuration, customization and data migration implementations
  • Requirements analysis and gap analysis
  • Prototype development and testing to define system requirements
  • Budget and schedule projects
  • Feasibility analysis, which includes choosing application framework and architecture
  • Product support during launch
  • Competitive analysis for developing new projects
  • Maintenance on existing systems

Job requirements vary significantly from company to company and application to application. In some instances, one individual may be responsible for all of the activities above, while in other small teams handle handle clusters of responsibilities.

Some software developers have a degree in computer engineering or a related field, but many are self-taught. With the digital age continuing to become more ingrained with everyday life, there is no doubt that software developers are going to be in demand for years to come.